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Hogwarts is Here

Hogwarts is Here: harry potter rpg hogwarts is here

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Theme:harry potter

Category:rpg website

Content Rating:Mature

Launch Date:4/16/2014

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A group of creative, passionate Harry Potter fans got together and built an online wizarding world social network where thousands of fans can come together online. It's Real for Us - and it'll feel real to you, too. Welcome to Hogwarts is Here.


User Reviews

In days like the ones we are living now, stress in real life can be overwhelming. It can even make us fall in depression, or just be generally sad. Each of us needs to find a place where can get rid of that frustration. Some of us may proceed to use the internet on that purpose. They join social media and meet people with common interests. Everyone tries to find a getaway from reality in it, but for our own sakes, we need to be aware of its dangerous side. No matter how good or bad something is on the internet, we need to know the possible dangers we might face. Also, don't forget that respect needs to come from both ways. I personally think that, even thou it might not be perfectly developed,Hogwarts is Here (HiH) is a great social website for people who are interested in Harry Potter.The site maybe looks a little off for some people, but it's great both for social and rp purposes. It's not perfect, but for HP fans who wish to meet fellow fans(of course, keeping in mind the stuff about safety and respect), it is a good pick. On the one hand, it's alive. It has many posts all the time, and you'll surely meet somebody there, because, to be honest, people are kind of open there, they will chat with everybody!Of course, there might be some mean trolls around, but, just block them.There are people posting QOD(questions of the day), which are good ways to talk to others, and get to know them better.Plus, there are groups, just lik on facebook. Each post has a "poster-link", a link that will direct you to the post.Well, the poster links can be used to invade private groups' posts(a group can be either private - means that you join only if the admin confirms that you can, or public - once you click the "join" button, you will be a member).But I repeat myself, I am sure that this will fixed someday in the future, until then, I guess .. yes.. the block button works.Plus, yes, there are people that are in depression, but there is no way they were trying to kill themselves because the community, it was because real life issues, indeed, there were a few cases, but most of them are fake.The site might not have control over multiple accounts, but most of the websites don't, so I can't see why HiH, with a team mostly made out of volunteers, should be downgraded because of it.Also, you can take courses! On the other hand, it might not have cool features like formatting your paragraph, but it's good for rps too. Like, you can create a private group for you and your friends you wish to rp with, in your own little universe. There are so many styles for rping and there is no restrictions at all, you can either write with "*", or write a whole book, full of descriptions and such. Well.. about godmodding, yeah, it's rude.. but remember.. the block button works!(No need to play with people that act in that way!). But one thing is really important...separate fiction from reality. Your character is only your projection into the fictional universe, it's not you, so don't rage about everything. IT'S. FICTION. And, things don't need to go that extreme either, it's fiction, and it should relax you, if you take things to the extreme, you will become addicted to it and it won't be good. In conclusion, I think everyone should give a shot to this webiste, and make their own opinions. I will give it a 100.
'Tis only chaos
So I found this site through Tumblr around spring/summer last year, back when the site hadn't upgraded to its current appearance. I had forgotten about it until I decided to check in one day that fall to see it, but it was under construction. So I waited, not too long thankfully, and when I came back, the website had been completely transformed and I was honestly extremely happy with it. Of course, the new site design is still being updated and such (given it's a recent thing) and some functions have little errors, but they do update the site noticeably occasionally, adding in a PM system while I was on. They do allow other fandoms as well, though primarily Harry Potter, it's LGBTQ+ friendly (which makes me extremely happy, being an LGBTQ+ member myself), and I've actually made many friends that have become my friends off the site as well as on. Now, let me address a few things "Bill Primo" has pointed out. Yes, the post reader link thing is very strange, but it does have its advantages. It helps me easily locate a post, since each has their own post number, making each URL different, as well as being easily able to show friends any artwork I've done for them or even help someone stop cutting. Now, "Bill Primo", if I recall correctly, I believe that you told us to collect said post reader links numerous times to do exactly what you said: abuse "dark" groups posts. Funny you should complain about that. Real hypocritical. Now onto the groups. No, there is no way to change the admins in the groups yet. But I strongly believe that they will be able to add that feature soon, but one must be patient and not complain about a work in progress. After all, I look at my art and see all my mistakes, but I always do the draft in pencil, meaning I can fix my mistakes if only given time. And "Bill Primo", no one, "thought of that idea." No one ever plans mistakes. On the topic of self-harm and suicide topic, many people on the site do not have easy lives. Well, at least not some of the most active ones who have shared their stories. Some of them do cut, and it's not because of the website. They use the site as an escape so they can feel happiness. It can get so hard to do that sometimes, and the people on there are some of the nicest, friendliest, most accepting, and most comforting people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Yes, there is one person who had committed suicide recently, but it wasn't because of the site. Other people "died" but they were extra accounts made by other people. Scratch that, there IS one person I know that has cut because of the website, as well as almost committed suicide. He did it because of one, singular user on that site. That person had betrayed him and turned on him because they let paranoia get to them. They called him a spy and accused him of treason on the anniversary of the day that his best friend has died by suicide. Because he had taken the day off to visit their grave. And it's not like his life has gotten much better. That user repeatedly said murder/violence was the only answer as well as actually attacking teenagers (keep in mind that they are a 20-year-old college student), literally decapitating one twice in roleplay. That's beyond disturbing when there are kids young as ten on there. Luckily for the community, this user has since left, though somehow still manages to intrude in my life, despite how much disdain we have for them. Coincidental as it may be, I can assure that that user has, in fact, seen what I am writing, so hello! I hope you enjoy reading this! I hope you're satisfied with the damage you've inflicted!! Leave me and my friends alone for the last time!! Thank you!! The professors. These are volunteers who are actively writing up lesson plans for the users of HiH, dedicate much of their time into the website, as well as have lives of their own that should always come before the website. As I am almost certain, "Bill Primo" has not seen their more recent actions. They are, in fact, getting more involved, but they do have to keep up with many owls from the students. They can be found in the site's live chats from occasion to occasion, always polite and proper, yet still humorous and kind. It is absolutely unfair to treat them like that, calling them, "assholes," and such. They are working hard, and I can strongly stand by my statement. They are getting better, but yet again, it all comes down to patience. Just going to put this out there, but there aren't actually a lot of griefers on this site. As in, hardly any. If you believe the contrary, go on, list them on your fingers and see if you can get past ten. Only catch is, you have to have proof/evidence to support your claim. Wow, post reader links would really come in handy now, wouldn't they? Note: Can you see how I only used capital letters once, but only as a way to italicize the word, considering how I am unable to do that here. Yes, I am capable of keeping a civil, calm, and level-headed tone while still making my case for my argument. "Bill Primo", I highly suggest you learn to do the same.
Bill Primo
Alright, so a few months back I've spent some time trying to find another Harry Potter-based RPing website after Harry Potter Online RPG ( ruined my experience. After spending some time going through pages upon pages of Google search results, I happened to stumble upon Hogwarts is Here. I have spent some time going over the features of the website, and I did find some cool features, like the social media design. It's really neat. You can customize your character's profile to however you want right on the get-go. You can also make your own groups where you can socialize with others and even do online Hogwarts courses at your own pace. There's even a nice place where you can write your own books for that matter. But let's skip the bullshit, shall we? The only thing that really matters here is whether or not players are able to RP in a safe environment, and the privacy policy on Hogwarts is Here is a giant piece of shit. Don't even bother trying to flag your group as closed or even private for that matter, 'cause the Post Reader links in the group pages aren't protected by the privacy settings of the group page itself. You have to make sure that you know everyone you're RPing in person if you want to create a group that doesn't get intruded by other potential griefers. And here's where the idiocy of the website design becomes completely apparent. If you create a group and invite others to join, you can't change who administrates the website and you can't kick anyone out of the group. WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT IDEA?! I mean, there's design blunders, then there's programming blunders. This is extra super-special beyond-the-universe level of stupid. It literally exposes anyone who is RPing there to people who might 'accidentally' intrude on a RP thread that's been marked CLOSED. Oh, and let's not mention the fact that the website DOES NOT RESTRICT ANYONE FROM CREATING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS! (Great idea! My RP group page welcomes spammers and griefers anyway, 'cause that's a great idea, right?) WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! This one really pisses me off. If you're joining a RP website, you'd expect that people would stick to one or maybe two accounts. But not Hogwarts is Here, 'cause these assholes are having much fun creating multiple accounts! And when you dare bring up the subject of people cyber-bullying or preying on other RPers, the all-too-common issue is that they tell others to block the spammers and/or griefers instead of taking action themselves. 'Cause why would ANYONE want to waste time trying to 'help' others by redesigning the website and/or taking proper action in bullying cases when you can just save all the hassle by telling people to ignore and/or block the griefers? WHAT THE FUCK?! I've had real-life incidents where victims committed suicide because of bullying issues, and people still think that telling others to ignore and/or block them is a great idea when the site doesn't restrict multiple accounts? So I gotta ask, who is this website for? At a so-called age 'restriction' of 16 years old, it's too high for 'most' young teenagers to access the website. If it's for adults, then WHAT'S THE POINT?! I guess we could already assume by now that everyone has access to a social media of some sort. Hell, even a closed Facebook group page and a small group of real-life friends RPing whatever the hell they want will be a MUCH BETTER RP setup than this atrocity. You know, 3 years ago many people accessed Hogwarts is Here because it filled a need - a place where Harry Potter fans can socialize with each other and RP without restrictions. It wasn't perfect but it made the kids happy. However with advancements in social media technology we no longer need a dedicated website where people can RP with each other. Like, why not skip the website altogether and just use Facebook for RPing? In my opinion, this website has some major flaws. Besides the idiot level one million 'can't adjust your own group's administration settings' design blunder, the administration of the website is JUST HORRIBLE! The Code of Conduct they put up there has no meaning at all! I've seen a lot of Harry Potter RP websites come out flawed and Hogwarts is Here is actually a step backwards. To think that I'd actually prefer the cancer policies of Harry Potter Online RPG to the lawless shithole that is the Hogwarts is Here, this is really ridiculous. To the creators of HiH, I hope you guys are paying full, undivided attention. If so, get off your asses AND FIX THE SHITHOLE THAT IS THE HOGWARTS IS HERE! PULL THE ENTIRE STAFF OUT OF CONTENT CREATION AND GET THIS SOCIAL ASPECT SOLVED! As it stands, I can't recommend this website to anyone. As much as I'd love to stick to gentle words, this is too much for me to handle. The design of the website is pretty decent, and the features are okay, but player safety is one of THE MOST important factors that have to be taken into account, and in this case the website is too unsafe for anyone to go on. So until the admins finally get their shit together and fix this madness, I am giving this website a SOLID THUMBS-DOWN. The only people who should be using this website are those who have absolutely no access to any other social media at all. And even then, I really wish that they had spent their time more wisely on much better Harry Potter-based RP sites, like Hogwarts Extreme. Really, please avoid HiH like a plague. It's just not fucking worth risking your life for it. [UPDATE] Wow, holy shit, I leave an honest review of a RP website and I get hit with a lot of backlash. I never said that there were actual griefers, I was trying to say that there is too much of a risk for it. Also, when you mentioned that people 'kill off alias characters,' one important note that I would like to mention is that those 'deaths' seem far too realistic for anyone on that website because the damn place has no control over how many accounts one person is allowed to have! Wouldn't exactly call that family-friendly now, would you? And when did I ever say anyone had easy lives? At the very least if the admins said that they were going to be busy then they could've AT LEAST had the courtesy of replying to others that they would be busy. But no, they never responded. Maybe I might've been way too honest about how I feel about the website. But if you want to see improvements going on, some form of criticism has to be made. If you still believe that HiH is a good place to be in, if I have to list out any more points, I shall leave you with this: {} Oh, and one more thing, about the guy you mentioned who almost committed suicide, I can say that the person who did it has apologized and made up for his mistakes. That part, I'll give you that. But saying that HiH is a safe place to RP? That's way too much to say.

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