Mafia Cities Version 1.6

Mafia Cities Version 1.6

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Theme:mafia rpg game

Category:mafia game

Launch Date:2/6/2017

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About this game

The idea of the game is to become the richest mobster (or family) in the game. Players can commit crimes to increase their skills which they need to commit other crimes, such as Burglary and Robbery which you'll need for House Burglaries and participating in an organised crime with 3 of your friends for example. You also commit crimes to earn experience and increase your level/rank to allow you to unlock new features (new crimes, increased slots like bodyguards, etc). Players can create and join families, run their own casinos and businesses and take control over cities alone or with friends. Players can also attack, rob, car bomb, beat up other players, etc.



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Mafia Cities Version 1.6 at Top Web Games

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