Thug Paradise

Thug Paradise: Thug Paradise 2: Free Multiplayer Mafia role playing game.

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Launch Date:4/13/2015

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About this game

Join Today! Welcome to Thug Paradise. The massively multiplayer browser based gangster role playing game with a twist. Think you can earn the respect of the other thugs?! Then sign up free today! Room for one more? Marry or truce with a "partner in crime" to represent the strengths between you and your "colleagues". Build up reputation and make players pay or beg you for protection. We also provide tools to help invite your friends to the game along with a rewarding referrals system.



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Thug Paradise at Top Web Games

User Reviews

This game here has no INTEGRITY at all nor RESPECT for other owners to games. Wants to come over to other games and promote their game in other games. This game here just has lost all the respect from MOBSTERS2030.COM and our members from spamming another game in out BC = broadcast.
Thug Paradise 2
Great game!

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