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Canis Novus. It's a very welcoming community. The first day I joined I felt welcomed there right away. I didn't rate it any higher because like other games it isn't perfect and there is always room for approvement. But still on the pros of the game, I like how they welcome suggestions to the games and they even allow the community of CN to submit art. Some cons albeit is the mods and admins can be very busy and aren't always on. I believe they can fix this by giving shifts so at least one mod or admin is on. Another con is only premium membership can have an icon which really upsets me because I like having an icon/profile picture in every community. One last con is at some moments I find CN boring, there isn't along of mini games and many of the mini games don't have prizes. I still really enjoy Canis Novus though and if you love dogs of games like it I believe you will enjoy it too.

Usually there is at least one issue you have with the game, continue if you believe that this game is perfect in every way!