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Tired of feeding the animals and planting pansies,corn, or wheat that take all day to harvest? WANT SOME ACTION?! SocialKicks Socialkicks is just that a place with plenty of gaming and or friendly chat and game forums, with gaming help and forum contest. WE WANT YOU! in fairgamers .com I have played these games for going on six years (or better), and I am always looking for more fresh blood,they are real people you can chat with (men and women), like or dislike, lots of friendly assistants in each of the games.Most of the games reset every eight weeks so no time to be bored. Everyone has the chance to be top dog. A couple even have cash prizes. I have made an awesome online family in each of the games. Come hang out with us for a while ! Come try my world, i am addicted. Come join me on some of these awesome games. You could be a mafia don or capo, a knight in King Aurthur's world, a secret agent, a convict in the jailhouse or prison world or a soldier after a toxic war. Plenty to choose from. And there are plenty more of there games to choose from and try on facebook, biker, western, mid-evil even vampire .New games coming all the time. They also have their own social network now, so come join me at Fairgamers / SocialKicks to try them all! WARNING! WARNING! ADDICTIVE GAMES!!!

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