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Launch Date:1/10/2016

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About this game

Division Of Life is a 3d MORPG made in Unity. The game has been in the making for over 3 years, But only recently decided to go public with updates and content revisions. Now is the time where I can start showing stuff that I have been working on as I am nearly complete with the coding side of the game.



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Division Of Life at Top Web Games
Division Of Life at Top Web Games
Division Of Life at Top Web Games

User Reviews

Needs some work doing to the overall game play, but other than that the game itself was a very impressive start to a long journey to come. When I was fighting some giant snakes in the middle of nowhere I saw the owner trotting along on a Unicorn. He came over, said hello, showed me around and gave me some items to help me get started. Although I do understand that the game is not public yet and the download links have now been removed from the website and forum, I still enjoyed what he has managed to do by himself. This is better than some of the team built games that go around so I take my hat off to him for sticking with this and I wish him luck for the future. Peter.

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