Infinite Mafia

Infinite Mafia: Text Based Mafia Game / Fantasy Twist!


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Theme:mafia fantasy

Category:mmorpg text based browser game mmorpg mafia game fantasy rpg

Launch Date:1/25/2019

No download required, free to play

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About this game

Immerse Yourself into a Old-School Mafia Styled Text Based Web Game! With a plethra of twists and turns! Gather Friends/Foes to knock out missions at a much fatser pace! Head to the Back-Streets For some PvE Action! Bigger Bosses Biger Rewards! I cant prepare you for whats behind these walls or wondering the streets. Only you have the power to set it straight. Will you Lead or Follow? Do you have what it take to Become one of The Elite? But most of all...Can you survive?


User Reviews

cash grab game no substance not worth time or effort

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