Sinful Temptations

Sinful Temptations: Everyone sins, after all there are so many sins.


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Theme:18 plus

Category:texted based

Launch Date:8/15/2018

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About this game

Everyone sins, after all there are so many sins and let’s be honest they are the most fun. Do what you can to make a few bucks, whether you’re robbing someone blind or providing someone with a happy ending all will help you rake in the cash and get you out of your hovel of a home. Advance your way up the ladder, can you become the first Sex God or do you end up someones gimp!


User Reviews

Amazing highly rated! I have played online games for more than 15 years and never have I seen any admin that enjoy making a special place for everyone as much as they do here! Its still new (75 days old) and growing fast. Players are laid back and nobody is taking anything too seriously but if anyone did the staff and admin are pretty quick to respond and keep everything enjoyable for everyone! As I said above the admin actually play alongside the players but at the same time are always checking everything out and getting feedback. Approachable and easy going they are VERY open to suggestions and even encourage players to write events and other additions that make it even more special for everyone! Nothing beats hopping in the game chat and seeing your event ready to choose and find out if you succeeded or failed both with funny and unique results! Events regularly, I have never seen any game that well so all out for Halloween as they have here and finally lots of happy dedicated and helpful players to hang out with anytime 24-7 I cant say it any better than,,, try this game now!

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