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Category:science fiction

Launch Date:2/24/2002

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About this game

Welcome to Spacecrime. We are open and looking for new players. New users, Register NOW to start playing. Current players, please TELL A FRIEND ABOUT US!!! You can pimp, mack, fight, send messages, buy and sell drugs at stores and at auctions, and fly around in space right NOW! So... Fool! Getcho ass in here and show us how you do it!!! What you heard is true. Spacecrime is where you go when you feel like your true calling was to sell drugs and sex, and kill for power, pride, money, and revenge. And all that in a SciFi theme? Yes. This is heaven. Please note! - This is NOT a very nice game. People here talk a lot of trash and may be slightly abusive or obnoxious. What do you expect? THEY ARE CRIMINALS. And so are you. Get into character!!!



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