Thug Paradise 2

Thug Paradise 2: Free Multiplayer Mafia role playing game.


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Launch Date:3/17/2015

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About this game

Thug Paradise 2 is a free multiplayer mafia role playing game. Experience life in the 1960's Mafia when you fill the suit of an aspiring young mobster rising through the ranks of the mafia. Steal, bribe, pimp, deal drugs, rob and kill. What you become is entirely up to you--a feared hitman whackin' snitches, a hijacker with warehouses full of swag, a low-life pimp, a smooth talking con-man, a drug kingpin causing a cocaine snow storm, an honorable soldier, or maybe you'll make it to the top and become The Mafioso Father.


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Thug Paradise 2
This is a brilliant game, loads of thing to do in game!

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