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About this game

Serious Wars is a classic crime based text based RPG (role playing game). Granted not all the features are classic and typical if you play the game right you can be everywhere and do everything. This game provides benefits to all those who actively play. So as you level up you will begin to unlock a lot of features which are not available when you start. As a new player to the game you will start off weak and poor. Beware, the murky underworld of Serious Wars shows no mercy so be on guard from the off. Opportunists will not think twice to mug or hospitalize you for the few quid you may gain at the start. As an online strategy game as well as an online RPG game, the rules are very simple; Build a new life. Get to the top. Avoid being killed. Choose any route to get there.


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New game...its good...but its no different than any others.

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