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Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2001

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About this game

Flying for Home (FFH) is a simulated horse racing game that has been open to the public since March of 2013. It is a fully automated site with actively involved developers and a wonderful, welcoming community. Members often say the game is one of the most in-depth and engaging horse games they've played, with multiple layers of strategy that take time to master. There are 5 breeds of horses, a complex and unique genetics system, individualized stats, traits, and appearances for each horse on the game, racetracks around the world, and plenty of options to tailor the game to your own goals and preferences. Races typically run twice each week and horse care is only mandatory once per week, which makes it popular among working adults and college students who don't have time to commit to daily care sites. That said - you can easily keep yourself busy throughout the game by interacting with the game's fun features, expanding your stables, and engaging with the community on a very active Discord server.



User Reviews

Anonymous Squirrel
Be warned. I’ve been stung by this game a year or so ago, it is toxic! Admin/gamer creator Alli only allows people to play the game if you fall into line and don’t annoy mods. The hate speech and back stabbing by moderators and Admin behind the scenes is absolutely not acceptable. I put many many years into this game and spent thousands to just have it abolished because Alli claims I exploited the game. There are a lot of other online horse games the are worth your time and are less stressful as Fling For Home’s rules, aim and atmosphere changes at the flip of a switch. You either fall into line or pack your bags if you don’t like it. An unfair game run by a selfish and void creator.
Game itself is fine. Staff has a bad habit of arguing down players who disagree with changes or play in a different way than staff thinks they "should."
A steep learning curve for this one. If you like the sound of a LONG-term strategy breeding/racing game with beautiful art, this may be the game for you. One great feature is that you only need to log in at MOST twice a week. Once a week would work in a pinch. Just a superb game for older players, from college students to full-time working adults. That said, I do have two major quibbles: 1. Despite the owner claiming it was essentially finished in early 2018, the game is still in beta, and continues to go through major changes every few months. The constant upheaval usually causes horse care to be more difficult and time consuming than it was prior, in turn causing people to cut down on the number of horses they have and/or leave the game. This has been going on for years. It's the chief reason long-term players end up quitting, and is probably why the game is struggling financially. 2. The owner is very involved in the community (neutral to good) and VERY controlling (bad). If she doesn't like the way you play the game, she will argue with you until you shut up. Then change the game so you HAVE to play the way she was telling you to. If this kind of behavior bugs you, I'd give the larger community a miss.

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