Godfathers United

Godfathers United: Are you ready to rise to the top of the criminal underworld?


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Launch Date:2023

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About this game

Godfathers United is a mafia browser-based game where you start as a Scum and work your way to National Don. Commit basic crimes such as selling smuggled cigarettes or robbing a Jeweller's Store, Stealing a car for a nice payout or working with other players to commit a heist for a bigger payout.

Train skills like hacking, marksmanship and forgery to commit advanced crimes for an even bigger payout and to climb the leaderboard.

Start a family or join an existing one to connect with other players and work together to own a city.

Visit the city to buy weapons from the black marker, open a Swiss bank account or try your luck at the casino district.

Are you ready to climb to the top of the underworld?



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