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Hack and Cast: Level your character, conquer the land and slay invading beasts!


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Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2013

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About this game

Hack and Cast is a free-to-play browser based RPG compatible with any smartphone that focuses on leveling your character, fighting monsters or Beasts, completing quests, conquering land and digging for treasure. You get random loot, stat gains, XP, gold etc. from killing monsters.

Casino, Treasure Hunt, Auctions, Player-driven market, Level of monsters raises based on total monsters killed, Different qualities of loot, Digging for treasures, Character upgrades, Level sacrificing for limitless level cap, Chat with a friendly community, Quests, Boosts, Overall rankings and daily kill/ levels rankings etc.


browser mmorpg pbbg rpg fantasy fighting battle cash leveling hackandcast monster


User Reviews

Game owner has banned people after they have donated real cash for no reason then did a IP block so no one would see them ever complain, then when they have no recourse except to charge back he would say they were banned for charging back, those that did not charge back got scammed by the game owner. BEWARE !

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