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Mafia Returns: While the action may be yours, the reaction is not!


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Launch Date:2005

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About this game

"I assure you, there has been NO mistake." the man behind you growls into your ear as he presses the cold steel of the .45 deeper into the crown of your skull.

"The money, I'm sorry... It was the money!" you cry back in a humiliating attempt at saving your own life.

Several hours later, you are found by police with urine-soaked pants and a 50 dollar bill stuffed firmly into the back of your throat.

You didn't live. Welcome to Mafia Returns - The Game



User Reviews

If you don't mind the owner making changes to the game in the middle of game wide wars that affect the outcome of the wars. If you are interested in playing with player/staff who will interpret the rules in the best way to benefit the group they play with. The owner did stand out against sexual harassment when a player posted a rape rp. The rape rp post was deleted and the player was banned from the game. Only to return from the ban before it was over and continue sexually harassing female players and excessively using the game dynamics to harass other players. Even though players have spoken out against this person being allowed back in the game every time he has been banned the owner let's him come back. If you enjoy a game where the player/staff abuse their power, a game where the owner creates new rules in mid wars and events that change the outcome, a game where you are allowed to openly harass, and stalk other players then this game is for you.
“MafiaReturns is a unique role playing game. Set in the prohibition period, players take on a challenge unseen in any other game. While they are able to battle each other and establish mob empires, they also battle the game’s owner, who intervenes in game events and player choices, with breathtaking regularity. With no logic or reason to owner intervention, mafiareturns provides a gaming experience more challenging and disheartening than any other. Anywhere.”
Nice game
It's an intriguing game. There are lots of roleplay and interaction, and you get to build your character a ton. However, to really rise to the top, you kind of have to pay some real life money. Credits are honestly so useful, but if you don't wish to spend money on games, then don't hope to be very successful in certain areas. That is the main reason I quit. I don't like pay-to-win games. Otherwise though, I would totally stay. It's a great game.
There are sadly many more bad points, then good points. The excellent point is that it is very social and you can also roleplay quite a bit. The negative points are, however, that it incredibly pay to win. First of all, you best make money by selling a lot of credits, which you can buy or sometimes get sent away in the lounge chat. However, the credits you get (even if you get help) are as good as never even close enough to buy and train all your bodyguards (by far, far not). If you want to train your gun very well, you have to spend credits away. Want to buy an HQ, max the forts? Become a godfather and have to help others? Have fun spending a shit ton more cash to get those credits and use or sell them. The groups are also very predetermined since many know each other since a substantially long time. You will very often see people who are barely active, still become crew leader only due to their name, instead of the people who put in the time and work. Lastly, there is also a big problem with the admin who is being referred to as a dictator by a large amount of his player base. Killing of people and banning them due to having underaged players in their crew and not reporting them, when there is no rule, to report them. Other times he also banned members of a group 5-6 years ago but still hold grudges and bans half of them but magically not the other half for something so many years in the past, talk about not being neutral and picking sides. Other times he also started to insult old players for actions which lay months in the past. While it is true, that the people should understand, that he does not always have time, he should not even be in the game for an important event. He also likes to bring people into the main chat and have an audience and then makeup excuses. Does not always work though as in the last instance many people got the original screenshots of what he said (which he always denied). The game used to have 2000 players instead of the current 200 and that is no surprise with an admin who likes to mingle in like that, instead of being neutral. He wants his game to be mature, but being a bit rude to others (who he likes) is not ok, when they got one of your members killed and already had a grudge since a long time for them. Other times, female players can then be called a slut, and nothing happens. There is also an option called death dice race that gets played in main from time to time. At one point, people had to sign the rules and knew they would die if they mess up. Those got, however, still revived, while the ones who did not sign any rules like that in future events of the dices, just got left for dead. The admin is very moody really.
Great community, lots of interaction. Challenging to risets the top
Gameplay isn't bad but the template is really dark, miserable and poor. It just feels dull playing.

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