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Mafia World: This thing of ours, once you join you're in for life... Capiche?


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Content Rating:Mature

Launch Date:2020

No download required, free to play

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About this game

Mafia.World is a classic Mafioso style RPG game where you compete with other players to rise to the top of the ranks and dominate seedy underground criminal enterprises. Unlike all other Mafia style games of the past, Mafia World resources are limited by the blockchain. TRX Blockchain based Mafia Token are used to purchase in game items. A sprawling community of enthusiastic, highly involved players, makes this a can't miss RPG!


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User Reviews

Excellent game if you want to be an OG start playing now.
This is one very addictive game, Simple to play, easy UI to navigate, if you like the way the Mafia play then this is the game for you. Build up your gang to take control of your city. take on, rival gangs. Build your bank account, grow your property portfolio, hire your detectives to search out where your enemies are hiding. make sure you have your bodyguard with you, you never know who else has the same plans set in play the same as all depends on te he way you play to become the Don of MafiaWorld.

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