Mythodreas: Will you be the hero and save this rotting land?


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Theme:choose your reflection join the storysave us all

Category:fantasy creatures choose your own ending 2d bbrpg

Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2004

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About this game

Which alignment will you choose when asked by the Willow Tree? Will you claim Darkness and aid the Obscured, Light and search for the Enlightened, or Neutral (and just watch the world burn)?
Our first interactive story is almost finished! Just a few more steps, a bit more fluffing, and soon you'll be able to retrieve your first Familiar and start your journey to save Mythodreas from ruin! (if you choose that is)


rpg fantasy pets creatures mythology bbrpg dreams myths pantheons legends fables allies choose your own ending choose your reflection join the story save us all 2d bbrpg


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