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Pong 2: Play Pong with a friend or by yourself! Online and Offline!


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About this game

Play Pong with a friend or by yourself! Its like ping pong but for your computer! Pong 2 is a Ping Pong style game that you can play with a friend, by yourself, or online. If you are looking for a game play when you have nothing else to do, Pong 2 is the game for you! Pong 2 is a great game to have some fun and waste some time with! Play Pong 2 on www.pong-2.com ! INSTRUCTIONS: The goal of pong is to get the ball in to the other player's goal, and gaining more points than your opponent! Or you could play as a team and see how long you can keep a rally going! Pong 2 Features: +Offline Play +Singleplayer ~Adjustable difficulty +Online Multiplayer ~Competitive and Casual game types +Local Multiplayer +Arcade Mode (Super Fun mode) +Adjustable ball speed +Adjustable color ~Ball, Paddle, & Background +Unlockable Ball Effects +Rally Highscore Tracking +Classic Pong Sound Effects CONTROLS: PLAYER 1: up= W down= S PLAYER 2: up= UP ARROW KEY down= DOWN ARROW KEY More About Pong 2 At: http://www.perforatedsoftware.com/pong-2.html


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