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Theme:hyper casual jump game

Category:casual game

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Launch Date:2021

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About this game

Pounce is a simple Tap to Jump hyper casual game. Gameplay is all about the simplicity where a ball is running on a narrow platform, and user needs to jump the ball if there is an obstacle.

Beauty of the game is that, you can play it anytime and anywhere. The game is engaging as you are competing against yourself. You are always in a challenge to beat your best score.

Features of game includes:
- Simple gameplay.
- Best in series hyper-casual game.
- Tap to jump mechanism.
- Less ads (one ad after every 3 games to support development)

Future Scope: We are working on the game for better features. The next update will include Facebook linked leader board to compete against your friends and a multiplayer mode, where you can challenge a friend or a random person, and can beat them. It will be a time-lapse multiplayer gameplay, so two players can play at different time but still can enjoy multiplayer mode.

Pounce means to jump or to bounce. And all we are doing in the game is that we are making the ball bounce to avoid the obstacles. Score calculation is not based on distance covered but is based on the number of Gems collected.

So, buckle up guys, and enjoy one of the best Hyper-Casual game on the store.

Please provide review so that we can keep improving the game and make it better for our users.


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