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Roster Heroes: Where Fantasy Sports meets MMORPGs


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Launch Date:2020

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About this game

A combination of fantasy sports with a browser based MMORPG. Start with a squad of 4 heroes and embody them with your favorite players from the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL. Build a campaign every week, where you can join main quests, fighting titans and minions alongside other squads and side-quests which your squad will tackle alone. A hero's performance in campaigns is dependent on the stats of the embodied player for that week's game.

Come back Monday to see how well you squad faired in its campaign. Use experience earned to upgrade heroes stats and loot from chests won to equip better items. Spend gold earned to recruit new heroes, learn new spells, and forge even better items. With your squad's new strength, take on even harder quests for the next week's campaign.


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