Tycoopoli$: Welcome to Tycoopoli$, the new economic browser simulation.


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Theme:business simulation


Launch Date:4/14/2014

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About this game

Tycoopoli$ is the new economic business simulation by the developer of Tycoon World (2003) and Industry Tycoon (2009). Found your own company and build buildings, produce products and sell them to the virtual population. The main focus of Tycoopoli$ is the cooperation. Producing and selling basic products are possible solo, but complex products are only possible with trading with other players or founding big concerns. Each Tycoon can specialize in one or more industries with the skill system. Producer, Seller, Forwarder, Distributor or man other possible specialization, everybody will find his play style. But it will be also possible to be a all-rounder. Occupations, ages, genders and seasons forming hundred markets in Tycoopoli$, waiting to be served. Through technology- and quality research, products will be optimized and commercials helps your products for more attention and selling. Travel through the world and plan your production good, because not in each country are the same resources available or rather profitable. Many more features are awaiting you! Join now! Be a Tycoon in Tycoopoli$!


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