Inked-Mafia: Do you have what It takes to conquer the World of Inked-Mafia?


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About this game

They said, Let it Burn!.. and it did. From the ASHES, a New Mafia Game arose. If you are looking for a game that is a mix of Old School and New, look no further! Once you join, you can commit crimes, compete Special Ops and Mission, Rise up in the Ranks of the Most Wanted Criminals. The only question to ask is.. Do YOU have what it takes to conquer the World of Inked-Mafia?



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User Reviews

Really fun game to play every day. I do missions and special ops to earn points and cash. I do crimes to make some cash and fight to win with other players in Warzone! Back alley is a good place for experience and money too. Go kill your rivals and climb that ladder to success! I love to compete and these crazy players keep me on my toes! Come play with me. Tell them Shiloh sent you, ID 4 in that referral box! I look forward to playing with you!!

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