Galactic Rogues

Galactic Rogues: Embark on a thrilling journey through the vast expanse of space


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Theme:space themed


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Launch Date:2024

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About this game

In this space themed game players take on the role of a pilot for one of the major factions and are tasked with completing missions in order to build their character's wealth.

This is an energy based game where players click a button and spend energy to complete missions of various types in exchange for credits, XP and mastery progression. Players have an opportunity to find randomly dropped collection items by completing missions.

Gaining mastery levels in early missions unlock later missions. Unlock enough missions and you will be able to unlock new ships. Unlocking new ships allows players to perform better missions for better rewards.

This game is brand new and has no community surrounding it.

The game has multiple collections the player can complete and an open market for players to trade extra collection items for one they do not have.

The game allows players to freely trade credits with other players.

The game allows you to create up to three characters which will allow you to explore each major faction.

The game has a basic alliance system that will allow player to group up wither their friends.

The game uses a subscription type of monetization system that give players some perks as well as premium currency on a weekly basis. What is interesting is that the premium currently is spent to give the server a buff. These buffs affect all players, so coordinating with alliance members and the server buff system could prove to be beneficial.

If you are looking for a new space theme game to sink your clicks into, check out Galactic Rogues.


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