Mystical Darkness

Mystical Darkness: Are you brave enough to fight?


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Theme:darkness fantasy

Category:text-based rpg mmorpg

Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:2014

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About this game

Elurian once a realm where Humans, Elves, and Dwarves lived together in peace is now being torn apart by darkness.
The realm needs your help to battle the evil before it destroys this mystical land. Are you brave enough to choose a side and do battle.


User Reviews

Gorn Blackheart
DO NOT play this game (Mystical Darkness). The owner Ronin Bloodstrike KNOWINGLY was letting people pay to play this game when he KNEW that it had a lot of issues and had a lot of coding that was coded wrong and never said anything to the players nor fixed the issues and instead of being honest with his players and telling them not to spend any money because of all the issues he never said a damn thing and he kept letting his players spend thousands of dollars. To me this is someone very greedy and that does not care about his players. Now the owner decides to do a total game reset and by doing this he is fucking over all his loyal players. I feel that the loyal players were taken advantage of and scammed. Also the CODER has told me about ALL the issues with the game and the coder had also said that the owner should of NEVER let anyone pay a dime to play this game with him knowing all that is wrong with it. The coder also thinks the owner should be refunding ALL players EVERYTHING that they have EVER spent In the game.

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