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New York Mafia: Mafia themed MMORPG, where power is earned, not given


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Launch Date:2001

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About this game

Round based Mafia themed online role playing game, set in the present day within the boundaries of New York city. Each round will last 3 to 4 months. Completely free to play, with premium currency available - however, we disagree with the whole 'pay to win' approach, no massively overpowered buffs that allow paying players to dominate - so there are in game ways to earning the rewards given for those who wish to stay completely free to play.

Create your character account and perform various actions that will earn you money, experience, rewards and most importantly, reputation.

Reputation is the main form of currency in the game, it can be used to purchase in game traits that will buff your character or unlock special benefits that will stay on your account for the duration of the round - getting killed does not signify the end!

The features include;
- Crimes, Vehicle Thefts, Escape the cops, Extortion, Boxing (training and fighting other players), Jail Busting for those that love to click endlessly for minimal gain.
- Organised Crimes where you can pair up with 2, 3 or 4 other players to perform a highest risk crime but with higher payouts.
- Drug Running & Smuggling - smuggle illicit substances to earn yourself some extra money.
- An enhanced killing system that allows you to take out any other mobster that dares stand in your way - this can also be countered with ways to protect yourself from those who wish to do your farm.
- Families - What point is there in a mafia game without being part of a family? Recruit members and control properties, increase your families standing - work to build important buildings for your families empire.
- Territory - Coming Soon - a free add on for Families that will allow rival families to do battle over control of territories, each with their own unique buffs and power ups to gain that competitive edge.
- Casino games - Blackjack or Roulette your favourite, no problem. Fancy a spin on the slots, or want to try your hand at rock paper scissors? We have player controlled casino's that allow the owner to control bets, bank profit or be made bankrupt.
- More to come - we are adding new features weekly, and listen to our loyal fans and player base that drive our developments.

New York Mafia was formerly known as 'NY-Mafia' which was once a thriving game with hundreds od daily active players, after being closed for several years, the game has under gone a major ground up rebuild and relaunch (December 2023) and is continuing to build a stable, fair and fun game. Built and managed by a small team of dedicated staff, we have managed to use the latest technology to build a beautiful modern UI that works incredibly well on a mobile - with full functionality (along with being able to be installed as a native progressive web app), as well as pixel perfect layouts on a desktop.

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User Reviews

New York Mafia
New York Mafia
My favourite Mafia RPG - rebuilt from a classic into something for the modern day - community is great and the UI is brilliant. Devs are super responsive and happy to build/change features to make the game even better.

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