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About this game

Pardus is a FREE award-winning, real-time graphical game set in a futuristic universe that can be played right from your browser!

Test your wits against thousands of others in this vast, persistent universe as you struggle to survive! Trading, pirating, smuggling, military ranking - how you play is totally up to you in this open-ended game set in space.



User Reviews

It's one of the most addictive browser game I've ever played. Possibilities are almost infinite, you must give it a try if you like space adventures.
Great game if you're not inclined to stay online 24/7 the way some strategy games require. The AP system helps balance things out between those who have a bunch of free time and those who log on once or twice after work. There's no bribing your way to victory scenario. Which is great. So many RPGs require you to pay huge amounts of money to get anywhere. The downside is it takes patience to get anywhere. But if you have it, you'll like what you get. The tutorial is involved and doesn't leave much of anything out so in that regard it's awesome. The guides are top level players themselves and there's usually someone available. Players have also drawn up maps so you won't get lost. It's an all around good game so long as you're in it for the longhaul.

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