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Rise in Time: Browserbased, non pay2win, free-to-play strategy game


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Launch Date:2021

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About this game

Rise in Time is a real-time strategy MMO playable on mobile and desktop, focusing on teamwork, fair competition, and the expression of strategic skill.

You start out on a small island with nothing but your airship and a couple of soldiers at your disposal. From there it is your task to advance towards the center of the world. During this journey, you will find new islands where strong new creatures are waiting to join your army; where valuable treasures and powerful artifacts are waiting to be discovered.

To stand out from the huge competition of over 300 players, you will have to join forces with 3 other players, work out ingenious new tactics and finally coordinate with your team to execute on a devastating raid on opposing teams. Will you be part of that one team that succeeds in claiming the Crater of Immortality?


pbbg strategy fantasy pvp mmorts mobile diplomacy 4x teamplay persistent

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