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Star Wars Combine: The Combine is a free online massively role-playing simulation game.


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Theme:sci fi

Category:star wars

Content Rating:Everyone

Launch Date:1998

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About this game

The Star Wars Combine is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing simulation game based on the Star Wars Universe, developed by amateurs in their spare time. This sentence summarises the concept behind this project, and great care must be taken with each and every word.
The Star Wars Combine is an online game. Its purpose is to bring fun to the players by offering them a universe that they may immerse themselves in and forget, for a while, their real lives.

The Star Wars Combine is massive. Its purpose is to welcome and gather thousands of players inside the same game, creating an extremely rich gaming environment. The multitude of players generates an unlimited quantity of interactions between them.



User Reviews

i wouldn't even call swcombine a game to be honest its a community irc/forum/roleplaying element with a fancy webpage. to me games are games you can play and enjoy straight away, with the combine it takes days/weeks to move your ship, what kind of game is that? ill give credit the rules page are very well done, looks like alot of time has been put into it but the end design is very sub par if you want a star wars game, stick to the lucasarts games. if you want a browser game then find something on facebook.
Wonderful can play any character and be as poor or as powerful as you like.makes you feel like you are actually living in the star wars universe
Jevan Dulovic
I can agree with Jthorne76 it takes a while to setup but when you are done with that then the rest of the game will be alot of fun and it is any star wars fans dream to explore the star wars universe and do the things you always wanted to do in star wars. The other players in the game helped me alot to learn the game and how it works and i like what i see. The only thing i dislike about the game is that it takes a while to travel but I do still love this game. plus it could get a little bit addicting after a time.
I can´t agree to Jthorne76´s review. If you read the rules you know how about creating your name. It will take no more than 24h that your name will be approved. The game is programmed and run entirely by volunteers so you don´t have to expect the most sophisticated graphics and gameplay. In my opinion it is one of the most loveable games in relation to the star wars universe. You can feel and see the love for detail. I think everyone have to choose themself if this is a playable game but you should try it before overestimating these reviews.
Cant recommend this game to anyone. Took me 2 days for them to finally accept my name. To make it worse they are too lazy to tell you why they repeatedly deny your name. You are pretty much forced to use their random name generator to go with some gibberish name, and even a few of those got rejected. You cant do anything until they approve your name either. Once you get in you are greeted with one of the worse interfaces Ive ever seen in a game like this. And plus moving in the game is very annoying, unless you enjoy clicking your mouse button over and over and over. In short, good idea for a game, horrible execution.

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