Land of Nevard

Land of Nevard: A free online RPG web game, with a medievil setting


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Launch Date:5/1/2004

Land of Nevard on Facebook /landofnevard

Land of Nevard on Facebook @landofnevard

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About this game

Land of Nevard is a free to play text based RPG. It's not energy based so that allows you to play all day, if you have time. And if you don't have time, there is an Auto Fighter that fights enemies every 6 seconds. The main part of the game is the Wilderness. Many features are available but the core section of the game is Player vs Monster battling. We have over 800 monsters lurking in around 80 areas. We have a live chat bar on the side of the game which comes with a fantastic community spirit.



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Addictive game that can be a quick lunchtime distraction

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