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Alignment RPG: A unique online RPG. Explorable dynamic universe. NPC, PvP


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Category:text based

Content Rating:Mature

Launch Date:2016

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About this game

Set on planet Earth in the years of the 2300’s. The ability to space travel is well documented and tested with personal ship launches happening daily. Humanity has established a footing across the solar system with people everywhere looking to make a quick buck. You will meet new people and make new friends on your space faring adventure. PvP space battles combined with purchasable ship parts make sure that your ship is the most advanced ship in space, giving you the upper hand to negotiating a better deal for that item you want. NPC’s will have you trucking across the universe to deliver items or transporting passengers to ensure they reach their destination safely to earn credits and valuable ores. Discover new planets, mine asteroids and land on a large number of planets in an expansive and explorable universe.



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